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    User defined PUP - allow only in a certain folder structure


      We have a user defined PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) in VSE 8.8 to disallow running of chrome.exe. It is defined by process name and simply deleted when it is detected. Meanwhile, one of our supported applications includes an export feature that makes use of a portable version of chrome as part of its data export viewer. We would like to exclude or allow an instance of chrome.exe to be able to run ONLY from a certain known folder structure that is produced by this application. For example, we would allow F:\MyApp\MyTool\PortableApps\bin\chrome.exe, but the drive letter can change since this could run from a removable drive. So also allow it on G: E: or any other drive letter. However, we would still like to disallow chrome.exe if it is detected somewhere OUTSIDE of this known MyApp\MyTool\PortableApps\bin\ folder structure.


      Is such a scenario possible? Am I going about this the wrong way -- is there a better way to support this scenario?


      Thank you.