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    Installing/Re-installing McAfee Program/Contacting McAfee Customer Service


      I have been subscribed to McAfee since it was included with my purchase of my desktop Dell in October 2010 (and renewed in 2013 & 214). I do not recall ever installing it and I have never used for security checks, etc. It is listed in my programs but only has"Security Centre" and "Virtual Technician" (which I have recently installed), and no further characteristics. I suspect that it has never been installed. I encountered this problem when trying to have recourse to exclude "invading" sites on my browser, rendering use of the Web impossible on my desktop. I cannot, therefore, even attempt to install or re-install McAfee on my desktop. How do I now install it (having just pre-paid my 2014-15 subscription). At present I am working from my laptop (not using McAfee). Can I have the program downloaded to my laptop and then transfer to the desktop. I would be most gIrateful for suggestions and help. ionloin

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