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    iPhone 6 - Need device catalog asap


      We have EMM 10.2.9 (and have an EMM 12 HA environment ready to start testing soon).  iOS 8 works ok with Patch 9 for 10.2.x.  BUT the IPhone 6 and 6 plus will not register.  I do have one 6 on the test 10.2.9 server that's getting mail---but doesn't show up in the console at all for management!!  I called McAfee Friday evening 9-19 and they said a device catalog would be released early in the week of 9-22.  I keep watching the download site..nothing yet.  We need this asap.  McAfee is shooting themselves in the foot.  I know that AirWatch, IBM MaaS, and many other EMM solutions worked weeks before with iOS 8 beta, continue to work with iOS Gold Master (final release), and had no problems with iPhone 6.  Time to change products?