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    Update RSD sensor




      I checked RSD sensor  ( in current branch. How  can I update all my sensors to this version? All my sensors now are with version


      I must uninstall old version and then install new?

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          just configure a deployment task and upgrade exsiting installations.


          If you have multiple RSD Installations.

          - Define a query in the system tree to list systems with RSD installation.

          - Mark any system and check "Run client task now"

          - Select McAfee Agent -> Deployment -> Create a task or select an exísting task.





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            There are no possibility to deploy RSD throw Deployment tasks RSD.jpg


            If I run installation manually from Client tasks -> Rogue System Detection -> Sensor deployment -> Install RSD then installation is successfully completed but sensor version still appear as

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              Can you check the RSD install log in C:\Windows\Temp\McAfeeLogs if you are doing it through a client task? It should give a log and explain if it is failing for some reason. Have you rebooted the machine?


              Also check HKLM\Software\McAfee\RSD\Sensor and see if the version is updated there.

              It might be underHKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\McAfee\RSD\Sensor

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                Once you have the sensor version checked in to current in the Repository.  You can deploy the RSD agent by selecting them from the system tree and selecting Actions -> Rogue Sensor -> Add or Remove Rogue Sensor -> Install RSD.


                If you want to upgrade all sensors that are at then run a query with that in the criteria and select all and follow the steps above.  It will take some time for them to report back with the new version.

                That's how I went about my last upgrade.

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                  anyone else seeing tons of false positives after doing the upgrade?

                  a few fresh installs seem to be working fine.

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                    what kind of false positives have you seen?

                    Will upgrade my agents now and will take a look.

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                      Hi all,

                      noticed the same issue. Many systems are shown in RSD overview hundrets of time, also with the same MAC address. This also happens even the RSD software is not upgraded and anly the extension was upgraded.


                      Seems to be a bug which was also in an earlier version of RSD extension.




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                        Yes, I've noticed the same thing when upgrading to the new RSD version. A lot of duplicates & false positives!


                        I'm downgrading to the previous RSD sensor now (which is also a pain in the ***!) ==> Issues with RSD 4.7.1 after reïnstallation

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                          Take a look to this thread: Issues with RSD 4.7.1 after reïnstallation


                          Seems to be a bigger problem with the new RSD version

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