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    Antivirus Pro 2010 and Safe Mode help

      I have the AntivirusPro 2010 bug on my computer. I hit a dead end no matter what I try. Can't get MBAM, McAfee or Ad Aware to work. Can't get into Safe Mode either - it always goes to a blue screen with a message in white lettering.

      When I try to turn off system restore it tells me that I need the password from the domain administrator. I am not set up on any domain.

      Have downloaded MBAM-Setup.exe and renamed it. Will try to load from my jump drive onto theinfected computer but not sure how since I cannot get into Safe Mode.

      What an aggravating mess!

      Serious help needed!
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          ok i'll do my best to explain how to get rid of it. i beleive this will fully do it but being very new to this im not totaly sure it gets it all i just know that when i did this it hasn't popped up since.

          i got rid of it by doing this (twice actually)
          0) ( i say zero as i'm not sure this is nessicary but it can't hurt) put up a fire wall stopping outside connections
          1) do a system restore to a time/day before the virus showed up(it will show you in add/remove programs when it got on there so this should be pretty easy) this will leve the files on the computer but inactive for the time being i did the rest of the steps quickly so i didn't give it much time to reload itself. not sure it even can but i wasn't about to wait around to find out
          2) do a search of "2010" in the windows computer search program through all files/folders
          3a) the fisrt(at least it has been the 2 times on 2 seperate computers) item that comes up with the 2010/fake program name.
          3b)stop the search, this is what you are looking for
          4) left click on the file in question and select open containing folder
          5) this will open the virus folder
          6) hit control A and this will select all the files (there are bunch, over a hundered if i remember correctly)
          7) delete them
          8) empty the recycle bin
          9) run as many security file scans as you can. as i have said this has made it stop on my computer but i don't know if its fully gone. i would assume if its not that mcafee at some point will have a scan/patch to clear it fully soon enough

          these steps should do the trick. but i also banned a bunch of isp(pretty much an entire days worth) so that might have helped. im not a computer guy but this can't be that bad if i can out smart it so i don't think its very powerful .... lol, hopefully anyway
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            Hogfan, if you can't download anything or even boot into Safe Mode, I would suggest either professional help - a repair shop for instance, or simply format and reinstall your operating system.

            However, you could try one last thing here if you have access to a clean machine:


            Any questions regarding that should go in that thread.
            • 3. Re-format and install OS issues

              If I reformat and install XP I will lose all files on the computer, correct? I really do not want that to happen if at all possible. If that is what will happen then, if possible, I will try to copy the files to a jump drive and save them that way. Would the AntivirusPro 2010 program be likely to migrate as an infection on the document files?

              I was able to delete the desktop shortcut and the listed Antivirus Pro program last night. I had done this the night before but they both came right back. Last night they did not but I will see what shows when I work on it again this evening. This time I deleted each per what showed on the desktop and in the program listing plus by going into My Compoter and accessing the same items in the various folders.

              Despite that appearing to be successful, I still could not get IE or Firefox to connect to internet afterwards.

              I also figured out that the white background appears to be due to the fact that the display is set on a white screen rather than the picture I had selected previously. When I go through the controlpanel to change this I cannot select any of the possible background options. I can see the names in the window put nothing highlights when I try to select one and I cannot get the scroll bar on that window to work either.

              So much fun - not!
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                Yes you would lose all your data and yes it is also possible that any infection could be carried over to the backup. It's best to do frequent backups when your system is OK, that way you have soimething to fall back on. That said, I'm as guilty as anyone for not doing regular ones. It's luck if I do it monthly.

                Try that Boot CD I linked to, assuming you can access another clean machine to make it on. Secured2k who authored it is an experienced expert in the field of malware and how to deal with it.