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      Hi everyone welcomed with the file needed to be quarantined by Mcafee security. Any help with this woud be great cheers

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          Are you saying you have this detection and think it is a false detection or want more info  re this detection.


          for First issue

          What To Do When McAfee Detects Software As An Infection - How to Submit To McAfee Labs & Appeal


          for second That name is a generic name McAfee gives any unknown detection. Try retrieving it from the quarantined area (In navigation quarantined and trusted items) and submit it to www.virustotal.com and see if other scanners detect it.

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            Its from mcafee internet security suite 2014 and i dont know what the file is, As all i get is a code etc! What i do need to know is do i trust the file or quarantine it? thanks for your time.

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              Does it give you the option to trust it I would assume not as this only for PUPS (Potentially Unwanted  Programs ) and Trojans not usually safe to ignore. Some Artemis detections can be a false detection so you need to find the file these are usually found in Navigation quarantined and trusted items / Quarantined items  You can restore it and (you might need to disable real time scanning as you do this zip up the file with password of Infected as in the link I gave you.


              When you email it you will get an immediate reply if done correctly post the analysis id number here and if not response here or to you in 4 days post back and I will expedite things.


              If not in quarantine area look in the security history around the time it was detected the name might be there.

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                The file has been reviewed and confirmed to be non-malicious. It should no longer be detected by GTI. The file is related to AnyProtect Online Backup.




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                  Please check that everything is ok now