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    Patch 8.3.2P04


      I recently loaded patch 8.3.2P04. Upon logging into the firewall from the Admin Console I was not prompted to update the console as usual. Also the console still displays the version as 8.3.2P03. The package installation results email I received states:


      Package(s): 8.3.2P04 successfully installed


      and the package management page show that the package was installed.


      So, is there an admin console update? If so, how do I get it? Why doesn't the console login page show the correct version?




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          There was no Admin Console update for 8.3.2P04.  I can't say as to why the version isn't updated on the dashboard now, but the P03 patch was created as a sort of base-package because of all the fixes that went into it, so it's required to install P03 before P04 and any subsequent patches that will come out, like P05 or P06.  That's why it says on the dashboard; it's a 'major version,' in a way.  I'll ask why the dashboard doesn't say 8.3.2P04 now as I'm curious too.