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    How do I create a group?




      I am not able To find the link to create a new group.

      Please help

      Thanks in advance


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          Look above do you see a create tab with a pencil beside it click on that and see if you have a craete group option. If not your permissions not high enough so you need to contact the forum admin to get it done. At least this what jive help says.

          How Do I Create a Group?

          Creating a group enables you to set up an area where like-minded people can put their heads together and share information on the group subject. You must have special permissions to create a group, which are set by your community administrator.

          Before you create a group, you may want to consider the purpose of the group and how you can attract members who will participate regularly. The way you name the group and the tags you assign it are different ways you can make it available to those who are interested in it.


          Creating a Group

          1. Click Pencil icon > Group.
          2. In the Create group page, enter details for the group you're creating, such as the group's name, description, tags, group type, external access, and box storage. (Group options are described in detail below).
          3. Click Advanced options to expose more options. (Advanced options are described in detail below).
          4. Select which features will be available to group members, such as blog posts, documents, and so on.
          5. Enable Activity page, Overview page, or both. If you select Both, you should specify where it land when you first access the group.
          6. Click Browse Templates.
          7. Choose a Place Template for the new place. Place templates determine what tiles and streams will provide the layout and data for your group's Activity page. Choose the one that's right for the kind of collaboration that will happen here.
          8. Click Apply Template.
          9. Click  Create Group.


          Setting the Group's Options

          Determines what data tiles and streams make up your group's Activity page. By default, your group will use the General Collaboration Place Template. However, there is a wide range of templates available for specific collaboration tasks. See Using Place Templates and the associated reference topics for more information. If you don't like the template you've chosen, you can always change it later.
          Group Name
          The name you want to show up at the top of the group page. This will be used at the end of a URL that links to the group (though you can change the URL by clicking the Edit link).
          Group Description
          This shows up on the group's main page. Capture what the group's about in a way that will attract other people who might be interested.
          Enter words or short phrases that will help other people find your group. Enter words that describe your group's focus. To separate the words, put a space between them (you don't need commas). To separate the words of a single phrase, use underscores.
          External Access
          You may be able to create a group that's open for collaboration with external contributors. This option is only available to secret and private groups, and external contributors must be invited by a standard user who belongs to this group. For more on externally accessible groups, see What are Externally Accessible Groups.
          Group Type

          Choose a type that will determine whether your group can be seen by others and whether they can participate.