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    ePO - Understanding DB Maintenance Plans & Maximizing DB Performance


      I’m writing this in hopes to help out other ePO admins understand the importance of establishing a proper maintenance plan for their DB, understanding that maintenance plan, and other ways to maximize their DB performance. I’ve been a DBA for a number of years and more recently gotten into being an ePO admin as well.


      Most of the ePO setups I have come across are not run by DBAs – nor do they have a DBA managing their database. I am not sure if this is just due to a lot of organizations having the requirement to have their ePO setup off the domain, and thus a DBA not looking at it, or just lack or resources and not having a DBA. Either way, not many ePO admins are DBA’s – and that’s OK, but attention is still needed on the DB.


      Now, McAfee does a good job of outlining in this McAfee article (KB67184) on how to setup a basic maintenance plan for your ePO DB. But that is about all it does. What does the integrity check actually do? What do you do if it finds something? What if I don’t want to use McAfee’s recommend recovery model? How else can I improve my DB performance?


      Attached is to be a guide to understanding and hopefully aiding you in setting up a proper maintenance plan, understanding what to do with that maintenance plan, and other ways to maximize the performance of your DB. Feel free to add to anything on here, or if you have any questions, please ask.