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    Best way to write AD group membership in Access.Log


      Using a third party reporting tool to massage the WebGateway 7.4.2 logs.


      One of the requirement is to write the AD group membership (not all associated groups, but only the group that matches a certain pattern) in the Acces.log for every authenticated user.


      The issue I'm facing right now is that the "Authentication.UserGroups" is a "List of String" property and cannot directly be added to "User-Defined.logline" (only standard strings are available in the property choices).


      Looking at my options, I thought I could possibly use a String.Replace<...> (or one of the variants) to basically match the group pattern I need to write in the log (say, an AD group name that starts with 'Internet-'), convert this into a single string and add it to the User-Defined.logline in order to include it in the Access.log


      Unfortunately, the 'String,Replace' cannot work because it replaces the string we are matching against with something static.


      I need to find a way to 'extract' the AD group I'm looking for in order to add it to the Access.log.