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    Adding Windows 2008 R2 SP1 share as Evidence server


      Just wondering if anyone tried to adding a Windows 2008 R2 SP1 share for NDLP 9.3 p2 Evidence server?

      When I try it, looks like I am unable to add the share.


      In server.log , the following error is seen :


      2014-09-17 23:00:02,103 INFO  [com.reconnex.analyst.util.RestoreUtil] RestoreUtil:checkCIFSConnection:host=\bobby:password=xxx xxxxxx

      2014-09-17 23:00:02,115 ERROR [com.reconnex.analyst.util.RestoreUtil] jcifs.smb.SmbAuthException: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.


      When I tried to add a Win7 share, there is no issue.


      2014-09-17 22:58:38,838 INFO  [com.reconnex.analyst.util.RestoreUtil] RestoreUtil:checkCIFSConnection:host=\bobby:password=xx xxxxxxx

      2014-09-17 22:58:38,899 INFO  [com.reconnex.util.crypto.CryptoUtil] makeEncrypter()- created cipher [AES/CBC/PKCS5Padding] with key size: 256


      Just wondering if anyone seen similar issue ?

      As with NDLP 9.3, this issue exist. Hope it is not a regression




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