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    DEtech v's BartPE for 7.1.1




      I'm starting our move from v6.2.1 to 7.1.1 and have a couple of queries about DEtech.


      Currently I use BartPE to create our EETech disk as i can also have Ghost and A43 File manager to retrieve data off the disk/ Ghost the disk.


      We have no Opal disks or UEFI boot scenarios here and am fairly unfamiliar with WinPE , so i was wondering if i can still use the process described in eetech user guide for 7.0.1 to create a BartPe disk for DEtech v7.1.1?

      That way i can still have the other utilities to hand.


      If not- i have  a few questions:

      1. Does anyone else know how to put Ghost and A43 onto WinPE v5 so we can retrieve data off the disk or another way to do this?

      2. Do you still need to unmount the disk via diskpart if you need to do a 'Remove DE'

      3. Using BartPE, we changed the BIOS from AHCI to Legacy so we didn't need to add specific drivers to it. Do i need to do this also when using DEech on WinPEv5

      4. All our machines are W7x64. Can i just create and use the x86 version. (Is the only reason you need x64 is if you are putting on specific x64 drivers etc?)