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    MOVE Antivirus 3.0 - HELP NEEDED!!!!

    Scott Sadlocha

      I am used to less than stellar documentation, but MOVE it really taxing my patience. I am looking for some assistance with this product. We have been encountering issues with VSE installed directly on VM servers, so we have decided to evaluate MOVE. I talked to my account rep a while back, and had downloaded MOVE 3.0 Agentless through the trial portal. Throughout numerous forum discussions, I have seen mention of the Data Center Connector. In looking through all the files downloaded, I can find this connector nowhere. I have looked through countless forums and KBs, yet I can't find this thing anywhere. I looked in our download portal and it is not there. Being that this is a trial, I won't see it until it is purchased. However, we have to evaluate it before we make that decision.


      The problem I am running into is that the Trial portal now has MOVE 3.5, but this is not compatible with our version of ePO (4.6.6). It seems that 3.5 has the Data Center Connector built in to the download, but I guess this wasn't the case with MOVE 3.0? Why doesn't the Trial portal have older versions, even though there is a dropdown allowing you to filter on it?


      Another question I have is with regard to the two policies, Scan and SVA. Is there a best practices or explanation of these policies anywhere? The MOVE Product Guide is woefully inadequate, and I am looking for explanations on various settings. An example is "VM-based scan configuration". This is currently not enabled, but when I check the enable box I get a message indicating "Do you want to enable VM-based scan configuration? NOTE: Enabling this will enforce scan policies that are applied to group or individual virtual machines."


      What does this mean? I am looking for explanations on settings such as this, all the numerical settings, and exclusions recommendations, among many others. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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          Hey, I see the data center connector inside my ePO (5.1.0) as a valid download. I haven't checked the online sites as I don't use this software.


          SVA was new with MOVE 3.5 I think, so not sure that would help for version 3?


          I have 3.5 agent version so cant help much more.

          But to try, we have offload scanners with VSE policies + offload scanner policies, the agent policy and then the SVA policy. SVA is probably the easiest to manage the new appliance, i think I added one IP rule but left the rest to handle it on defaults.


          The offload scanners include VSE policies and offload scanner policies, this tells the scanners to do the work and when to do on demand scans.

          the agent tells the systems where to connect (now to the SVA, before we had to put in IP addresses of the offload scanners.)


          I agree when I setup MOVE AV it was very difficult to understand and get my head around and the documentation went not way to help this.

          I would go back to your Account manager and ask for some technical help to get you setup and testing

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            Scott Sadlocha

            Thanks for the information pierce I got the Data Center Connector from my account manager, I am also going to request a conversation with a technical expert.