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    Recommendations for Upgrading to ePO 5.1 from 4.6.6 with EEPC 7.0.1

    Scott Sadlocha

      Hello All,

      I am looking for some recommendations and/or help. We are currently running ePO 4.6.6 and we want to upgrade to 5.1. However, in looking over the compatibility information, it looks that ePO 5.1 is not compatible with the extensions for EEPC 7.0.1, which we are currently running. ePO 5.1 seems to require DE (the new EEPC) 7.1. However, it looks like DE 7.1 is not compatible with ePO 4.6.6.


      So, what I am looking for is some kind of upgrade path to get ePO to 5.1, and what might happen whichever way I choose. Do I upgrade DE extensions to 7.1 and lose visibility in ePO 4.6.6 until I upgrade it to 5.1? It doesn't make sense to me how this is listed, but I have read it over and over. What makes things worse is that I have to upgrade EEPC to Patch 2 before I can upgrade it to DE 7.1, which makes for a fun upgrade path there.


      Do I go:

      ePO 4.6.6 > ePO 5.1 then EEPC 7.0.1 > EEPC 7.0.2 > DE 7.1?


      Or do I go:

      EEPC 7.0.1 > EEPC 7.0.2 > DE 7.1 then ePO 4.6.6 > ePO 5.1?


      Any information or any experiences people have had doing this will be GREATLY appreciated. I need to get this going quick, and I am hoping for the best. Thanks-