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    DAT notification service


      I have not received the DAT notification mail for the past few days. It's corporate e-mail, but I haven't gotten any info about it being caught in a spam filter. I did try to re-subscribe, and got mail back saying I am already subscribed.


      Anyone else having issues?

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          I tried to register a different mail address. I got the mail with the information to verify the address, but when I click on the link to listserv.mcafee.com, it just times out. I tried several times with different browsers.

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            I was able to get the alternate address added by using email to reply. That said, I'm still getting no notification. The new address is a personal address, and nothing is trapped in a SPAM filter.


            Anyone else not receiving notifications? Is there a different forum this should be on or other support group? I went through the list, but didn't see anything obvious.

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              Got a notification today. It had information that they had terminated the service on September 5, and to use the SNS notification service instead.


              That said, the SNS service itself is flaky. At first, when I tried to log in, it would just sit trying to log in using Firefox. Eventually, I figured out I had to enable 3rd party cookies for it to work. For a security site, it seems idiotic I have to REDUCE my browser security to log in!


              Did finally figure out I have to go into cookie exceptions, and tell it to ALLOW "eloqua.com" cookies. Then it works with Firefox with 3rd party cookies disabled.