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    Unable to cancel scan which has 'hung up'



      I've read through a few threads here and I know that McAfee scan hanging on 99% is a very common problem. I have learnt to live with it and simply used to click 'cancel scan' when it got to that point. However, over the last few weeks something must have changed and I am unable to cancel the scan once it gets stuck. I click on 'cancel' but it keeps running. I went to Task Manager and tried to stop it from there by doing 'end task', but it wouldn't have it either. I left it running hoping it would eventually stop, but after 6 hours gave up and rebooted the computer. I have a brand new Toshiba Satellite Win 8.1 with very little on it, so it should not be causing the problem. I went through 'my account' and re-installed McAfee, but the issue persists. How can I stop the scan once it gets stuck on 99%, without having to switch off the computer? I will be grateful for any suggestions.

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