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    Change 5.1 EPO Time



      pls tell me how to change my 5.1 EPO time...?????

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          Hi there,


          Which time do you want to change? Could you be more precise?


          Best regards,


          Jose Maria

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            hello jose,


            Now my epo time is 11 pm, but my window server time is according to my time zone  11:45 am.

            so i'am facing  master repositry updatation problms....so what i do??

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              I believe the timezone is controlled through Apache, which *should* be grabbing it from the OS and posting it in the front end.

              It should be controlled by adding an parameter in the Options key:

              HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Apache Software Foundation\Procrun 2.0\MCAFEETOMCATSRV250\Parameters\Java\Options


              Try adding something like:



              Might have to restart the service.. I haven't tried this yet, but let me know if it helps!

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                Hi Amrit88,


                The time zone from epo console will relay on the system time...

                If you change the time zone from windows and restart the server, the epo console will reflects the same time zone as per windows.




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                  But it is NOT


                  time in ePO is +3, but my local time (and also time on server) is +2


                  how to change that 1 hour difference ????

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                    There is a Java bug, where it doesn't check for the correct system setting for time zone.


                    Check the following registry branches:





                    Likely, ControlSet002 is out of sync with the other two.  A restart should fix the issue.