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    Product hotfixes gets automatically rolled out after EPO 5.1.1


      Hi everyone,


      Just want to check what we are doing wrong.

      Since upgrade to EPO 5.1.1 , looks like all the point product hotfixes checked in after that gets automatically rolled out to the environment.


      We have confirmed that ;

      1. Global Update from server settings is disabled

      2. No Product Update have the patch or hotfix ticked.

      3. Disable Auto-Update in MA setting is ticked


      Per EPO 5.1.1 release notes, there is a new feature of ::


      Automatic product updates

      — To update your security products automatically, select Auto Update

      .This feature also automatically deploys the hotfixes and patches for your product.


      This feature requires McAfee

      -  Agent 5.0.0 installed on your client system.


      Not sure if this is the culprit ?