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      I am trying McAfee on my mac. The other day i went to a site and it opened up a page said it was the FBI and that i had been caught downloading bad video from the net. It popped up this screen said it wanted $300 to enter this code. I didn't enter a code but i hit okay as if i did, it said wrong code or  no code entered and asked again, i got it to close by force quit, when i came back up in safari it was there again.  I reset my browser and ran Mac Keeper  and then i decided to use McAfee which is what we use at work, it said one malware caled ad something and it was spyware, said action:  Cleaned....   what does this mean?


      I ran another scan and the same came up, same name and action: Cleaned  is this just a log of what its found total or is it failing to get rid of it what does cleaned mean?


      I am afraid to go to my banking sites... any suggestions to make sure my machine is clean?