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      Hi , we have a browerserhijacker on one of our pc's . The problem is our antivirus (wich happens to be Mcafee) isn't finding it.


      Does anyone of you have a solution wich doesn't bring me to download some kind of other program on a "free website" i kinda think they're fishy.

      Anyhow TIA

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                         Although I commend you for being cautious in regards to Downloading/Installing programs to alleviate your issues. With-in the following Link are Trusted/Proven/Effective Tools that are indeed (Free) to eradicate Malware/Browser Hi-Jackers. I highly recommend them all.... Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


                        I suggest you Run the Latest Getsusp, please remember to enter your Email Address under "Preferences" before scanning. Follow up by Running Malwarebytes (Free) Version only. To keep it free, Do not try the Free Trial Offer/or activate.


                         Finally I would suggest running AdwCleaner as well. This should assist you in resolving your Malware issues. Please post back your results.


                           In addition, You may find the following article created by Fellow Moderator Hayton, to be most informative/resourceful.

                           How you get tricked into installing Potentially Unwanted Programs


                             If I may ask, Are you running the Consumer Version of McAfee Protection?


          All the very best,


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            non fishy scanners see my signature.


            Install and run getsusp it will update all detections that it does not recognise to Mcafee so this will help ensuring they detect this. Add your email addy to the preferences so McAfee can update you.


            Malwarebytes the free version not the premium  trial will also help detect it and remove it hopefully. The trial will clash with Mcafee.


            If you have snap-do remove it via the control panel as well as resetting all your browsers to defaults.




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            How To Submit A False Detection To McAfee
            Free Anti-Spyware/Malware/Hijacker Removal Tools

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              Darn we did it again posting same time

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                                     I see that .....By both of our Replies. It seems that the Old Adage holds truth..."Brilliant minds think alike"  

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                  So i've downloaded adwcleaner and i think it solved my problem , alas i forgot to add my e-mail adress on the getsusp preferences...wich i've downloaded as well .


                  As for now it seems i don't have any issues anymore with pop-ups of the srptm.


                  Thx for the fast reactions guys!


                  We own the consumer total protection for the person who asked.@

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                                 You are perfectly welcome   Glad that all is OK. You might want to keep Malwarebytes (Free) on board as a (Second) opinion On Demand Scanner, I do. It is compatible with McAfee, and a Compliment to your Protection. Simply always (Update) before scanning.


                                    If you feel that your assistance was helpful, and your issues are resolved. Could you please mark appropriately, so as we can consider this thread answered....



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