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    After McAfee Antivirus uninstall, explorer.exe is randomly creating files and playing system sounds.  Scans with other tools come up clean.




      I have been asked more frequently lately which antivirus solution is "best".  I normally use Avast, but I wanted to be able to give a good answer to that question, based upon experience.  So, I installed McAfee's free antivirus solution.  I uninstalled it because it kept annoying me with popups about the presence of competitors' products on my system.  My antivirus solution is paid; I have no intention of changing just for the sake of inter-business competition.


      After uninstalling McAfee, I started seeing system behavior that I've never seen before.  Randomly, mouse clicks cause a "click" sound similar to what would play in Windows 98 when a file was double clicked.  This can happen due to any kind of mouse click, doing any thing.  I grabbed Process Monitor from Microsoft's Sysinternals and started monitoring for applications playing sound files.  Then, I just pressed shift+tab in Chrome a bunch of times, and then closed the tabs that opened.  Sure enough, the click sound sporadically, unpredictably played in response. 


      What I've found is that explorer.exe isn't only reading files -- it is CREATING them!  This is virus behavior, and my system scans clean.  This began immediately upon uninstalling McAfee, and I've even purged my registry and file system of anything mentioning McAfee to be sure it's gone.


      What gives?  Why does uninstalling McAfee seem to corrupt explorer.exe to grow files?  How can I stop this from happening before it destroys my system?

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