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    EPO growth table OrionSchedulerTaskLogDetail


      Note: I'm a DBA and don't personally use this product... but it's giving me fits.

      We have repeatedly had the EPO DB grow many GB a day.  Growth seems to be in table OrionSchedulerTaskLogDetail, and behavior is very strange.  The row count does not change appreciably, and if I force termination of all sessions by detaching and re-attaching the DB then later (a few hours) the DB is mostly reclaimable free space and it can be shrunk back to "normal" size. 


      I don't have this problem with any other DB including other unrelated DBs in the same instance.  It looks to me like EPO is inserting rows endlessly without committing, and when I forcibly kill the sessions then SQL server eventually backs out the uncommitted data leaving the DB mostly empty.  

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          Typically in the ePO DB the biggest table will be EPOproductEvents or EPOEvents, which doesnt even grow by many GB in one day.


          The OrionSchedulerTaskLogDetail is a big table but should not be that big. Right now my ePO DB is 126GB and that tasklog table is only 84MB with 406319 rows.


          Obviously if you do a select * on that table you can see all the junk it holds, which is basically every single logging message coming from tasks that are ran from the front end ePO console. I would get with whoever is managing ePO and see what tasks are running, how long they are running, and what they are actually doing. I'm sure you have your own query but attached is what i run every now and then to analyze the ePO DB in terms of size.

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            Well best option to check with ePO team on currently scheduled task running in ePO console.

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              I think you must to ask EPO team that they scheduled a new task on EPO.
              Like a Agent Wakeup Call task for 1 clients add minimum 3 lines to this table and if EPO team schedule a task for 1000 clients it means 3000 lines.
              Your EPO team must check Server Task Logs (and Server Task Log Details pane). At Server Task Logs page we saw 1 task log line but Log Details page contains more.
              And maybe you check table's message column then you will have an idea about the scheduled task.