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    Upgrade EPO 4.6.7 to 5.1




      First off I would like to appologise if this has already been asked or if its a little stupid.


      I am looking to upgrade my companies EPO from 4.6.7 to 5.1 and I wanted to know if there is any documentation specfic to upgrading the EPO?


      Also if anyone else has done this what were the main issues?


      I also need to add in EDC as we current dont have this, and there is now a requirement for it.


      Could someone also tell me if its actually easier to build a new server, install 5.1 with EDC and then migrate our users/SQL over to the new server, or would it be easier just to upgrade our current version?



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          Hi Smaled,


          I have answered the upgrade queries in previous post and the link as below.



          If you still have conclusions, please share the answer for the queries as below.


          1) What is the EPO version with Patch and agent version and patch?

          2) What is the sql version and service pack?

          3) Is the database full or express version, is the DB on the same machine or on a remote machine?

          4) How many machines are managed with EPO ?

          5) What are the point products managed with EPO (Ex:VSE, Agent, DLP, EEPC and more) ?

          6) What is the operating system and service pack in use, and is it 32 or 64 bit OS?




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            Did this a few months ago. Make sure you back all of your stuff up as well as the DB content as instructed. We also migrated servers at the same time which made it a little more tricky. If you do this you need to retain the same hostname after you migrate and turn down the old system.


            Also, run the compatibility tool to remove non-compatible plug-ins.


            Difficulty was 4/10. We had some corruption issues after migrating and had to redo the upgrade. Much easier to fall back to the old server than restore the one we were using.


            Just did the 5.1.1 upgrade. That was pretty easy. Just make sure to check the database configuration settings as instructed in the read me and back up your stuff!

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              I wrote up my upgrade steps a while ago: ePO upgrade from 4.6.4 to 5.1 - my steps


              From 4.6.4 to 5.1 but I think its probably pretty similar. I would always try to upgrade in place if possible, i upgraded from 4.5 to 4.6 by building a new server and it took a lot longer to migrate every system across that I had planned for.


              Also never be afraid to ask questions that's what the forum is for

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                Hi guys


                Just got back from Slough where I attended the ePO administration course. In it the trainer kept saying its best to get a new server and migrate he machines. However I read that McAfee doesn't support this option if you use Endpoint Encryption (which we do) so it looks like an in place upgrade is the way forward.


                RGC here is my current set up.


                1. Current EPO is and the Agent is patch 2.

                2. The SQL is SQL Server Standard Edition (64-bit) version 10.0.5500.0 and is on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise service pack 1 box.

                3. The database is a full version and on a completely separate machine.

                4. As for machines it is around 1590, some are Exchange servers, and DMZ servers, but most are PC's and laptops.

                5. The main point products are Agent patch 2, VSE patch 4, Endpoint Encryption for PC and agent, RSD and McAfee Security for Exchange 7.6.

                6. The main endpoint operating system (PC's and laptops) is 64 bit Windows 7 service pack 1, and our servers are Windows 2008 R2 service pack 1

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                  Oh I am also looking to go to 5.1.1 with all the correct hot-fixes.

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                    Hi Smaled,


                    What is the operating system on present epo 4.6.7 server running with.. and it is 32 or 64bit OS ?


                    Based on it, I will share two action plans and you can choose which is suitable for your environment.

                    Additionally, Please let me know, is there possibility to use the same IP and host name from existing epo 4.6.x to new server




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                      Hi RGC


                      The current operating system of the ePO server is Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 64 bit Service pack 1.


                      It would be very hard to create a new server and use the same host name and IP address.


                      Thanks Dave

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                        Present OS and SQL with EPo 4.6.x, is supported to perform the in-place upgrade.

                        Please give me some time, I will share you the step by step procedure to perofrm the upgrade.

                        In the meanwhile, please take the complete backup of the existing epo as per KB66616 ( Follow ONLY backing up column).

                        Take folders and epo db backup and then downlaod the epo 5.1.1 package and run the upgrade compatibility tool to check is there any point products incompatible to epo 5.x.x.


                        >> Then, check the agent extensions is and then follow the KB76739 epo checklist..




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                          Hi Smaled,


                          Steps to follow to get epo upgrade.


                          1) Take backup... epo folder and epo full DB

                          2) Follow epo checklist completely as per Kb76739

                          3) Disable the windows updates and stop anti virus

                          4) confirm the agent is ( MA 4.8p2) extensions.... since the epo upgrade compatibility tool won't check for the Agent extensions

                          5) Check the EPO DB is not more than 10 to 15 GB in size, if the size is more than expected, please follow the Kb68961 to purge the events and proceed

                          Note: take the DB backup before purging, and once the purge is successful take the backup...


                          Then run the EPO 5.1.1 setup  to upgrade epo successfully.


                          NOTE: After following these steps, if the in-place upgrade fails, copy McAfeelogs folder from user temp directory to desktop and compress via winzip and share the logs to check the root cause


                          I hope, these steps will get epo upgraded, as per my experience.




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