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    HIPS 8.0 Patch 4 Solaris Won't Install Driver


      I am trying to install HIPS 8.Patch 4 on Solaris 10 and I get a message HIP driver is not installed.  When I try to push policy to the system it forces the system to mass reboot.  Anyone have any knowledge on this?

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          We have had issues with upgrading HIPS on our Solaris boxes as well, and it has been a pain getting some of them upgraded. I have found that it was just easiest to run a remove task from the ePO server, and when that doesn't work (which sometimes it wont) just uninstall manually, then re-install and push the new patch, which has worked for us.


          To manually uninstall (disable the policy first if you can, and need to run as root):

          /opt/McAfee/hip/install_hip_solaris -uninstall


          Check these directories for logs and see if it has any indication of whats going on..