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    Overhead of System-based PARs with 'does not have tag'




      Quick general question - I am suspecting that there is substantial overhead in using the 'does not have tag' option in system-based PARs, and just seeking to gather thoughts on this.  A simple example would be 5000 managed systems, with 5 systems having a tag 'FOO'.  If the system-based PAR select criteria was set to 'does not have tag "FOO" ', then I would think that this PAR would assign the configured policy/policies to 4995 single systems (ie 4995 specific assignments), which looks like a fair bit of overhead?


      Note that I am not seeking answers as to whether or not the above would or would not be done, and whether or not it is a good idea.  This is an exercise to discuss the overhead involved, and that is all.


      Thanks in advance,