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    mcafee email gateway 7.5 - multiple mx records/networks coming back to single appliance


      I'm trying to set up an email gateway environment for a user where they have multiple MX records / IP addresses which tie back to a corporate location where a single MEG75 appliance

      exists.  I've got the restrictions of having only a single appliance and VMWare virtual images are not an option.  Customer has two independent networks coming into their facility. They

      want ISP network 1 to have MX 1 and ISP network 2 to have MX 2, and have all the traffic filtered by the single appliance.


      They understand the risks of not clustering and having multiple appliances.


      What's the best way to get the routing enabled on the appliances to be able to respond to multiple gateways where the traffic can originate from (each independent MX address).

      I tried bringing up NIC2 port forwarded to the appropriate network,  but hit with routing issues on answer back because the default gateway provides the response back in all cases. 

      In a perfect world I understand multiple email gateway appliances tied to each public MX/IP address would be more appropriate.  Currently in Explicit Proxy mode. 


      Definitely open to suggestions or recommendations that others might have used to solve this type of configuration scenario.


      Thanks -