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    Personal Antivirus problem

      A few weeks ago I was plagued by The Personal Antivirus bug. I needed my computer , so, like an idiot, I bought the Personal Antivirus software for $89. their icon appeared on my desktop. I was able to use my computer but the McAfee pop-up started appearing. I called Personal Antivirus, and they told me that I was now protected by them and I should disregard the McAfee warnings and probably remove McAfee. I left town for a week and when I got back, the Personal Antivirus icon was gone from my desktop. I continued to recieve warnings from McAfee (Am I protected = NO, Computer & Files = Protected, Intenet & Network = Action required, Email & IM = Attention, Parental Controls = Attention) I called my tech guy, who came over and said that Personal Antivirus was indeed a virus. He ran Malwarebytes and removed the virus.

      The problem now is that I continue to get the warnings from McAfee that I got before. I can get an indication that I am protected if I turn off my computer and restart. The McAfee screen then in dicates that I'm protected, but it only lasts a few minutes. It then reverts back to the Not Protected mode. Before I was invaded by Personal Antivirus, I was almost always protected. My tech guy said that perhaps I should remove the McAfee software and reinstall it. I do not know how to do that and couldn't find instructions anywhere. My subscription expiration for the McAfee software expires 6/21/2010, so I think that I should be able to get a free reinstallation, but I have not been able to talk with a McAfee person. I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks Steve