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    Migration of Encrypted systems from EPO4.6.7 to new server with EPO5.1.1


      Hey all,


      I am preparing the migration of the current EPO4.6.7 server to the new EPO5.1.1 server.

      Current server:Header 2


      EEPC 7.0.3

      EPO 5.1.1

      Drive Encrypteion 7.1.1


      I am concerned in the way this will affect the encrypted systems and the users currently know on this system.

      I have searched this forums but cannot find a scenario that exactly matches the scenario that i am facing.


      The users know in EEPC are created by the policy option "add local domain users" witch adds all pervious and current local domain users of the system.


      I am planning on using the "transfer" option to move the clients form the current EPO to the new EPO.
      McAfee KnowledgeBase - How to transfer/move computers from one ePO server to another

      This document states in the beginning that this does not work for EEPC clients.


      However my testing proves differently, it works. User and password keep working after migration a test workstation.

      So now i am confused and would like to know more background information before using this on a large scale.


      Reading true forum topics I get the impression that the "transfer" option does not work for manually assigned users/groups

      I cannot find confirmation that users & password can be migrated, when the are dynamically created by the policy option "add local domain users"


      Is there anybody with a similar scenario that can share his experience?


      Thanks in advance.