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    HP Validity Sensor Fingerprint Enrollment not popping up


      Using an HP laptop with the Validity reader and EE 7.0.3. I have a UBP assigned to the test unit and my user's password does get reset to the default per the documentation.


      After successful login at the PBA (default password), I am logging in to windows with the same user that was used at the EE PBA prompt. In the docs there is an ambiguous "log on to Windows to open the Fingerprint Reader Registration." Which makes me think the EE agent would detect the UBP and pop a fingerprint registration box of some sort. Unfortunately there aren't any screenshots, or further info (other than scan your fingers) in the docs.


      Windows is version 7, x64

      Domain joined

      Validity Software works for local/domain login


      Fingerprint Reader Token Module does list in PBA modules button. There are no fingerprint references once in windows, under the McAfee Endpoint Encryption System status, Modules list.


      Validity hardware ID: USB\VID_138A&PID_003F&REV_0104

      I couldn't find any info on supported sensor versions, so just feeling in the dark here that someone else might have info.


      Anyone else have a tip on getting prints registered?