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      I have Antivirus Plus. I would provide detailed version information but the About page will not let me copy and paste.


      I also have the current version of the WeatherBug desktop. I have had it installed for many months.


      For the past few days, starting about September 5, McAfee has been blocking suspicious connections from/by WeatherBug. I get the message from McAffee spontaneously. A sample of the popup is at the bottom of this.


      Today when I executed WeatherBug it said I do not have a connection. It did however eventually work.


      I am not sure if the problem is with McAfee, WeatherBug or malicious software associated with WeatherBug. I am not getting the problem from other web sites and I do use the internet extensively.


      At the moment I am not prevented from doing anything; everything works with only minor inconvenience. If there is a bug somewhere in either McAfee or WeatherBug then I probably will prefer to leave it for them to figure out. If there is actual malicious software then I should try to diagnose it.


      What additional information should I provide here? I probably do not need a detailed procedure describing where to find the information but a little help will be appreciated.