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    Where are my Quarantined files? Artemis!E934FE5BC220 Artemis!B1CCA05CD6B6 Artemis!240973407204


      I did a virus scan and Mcafee found 5 files suspected of being Trojans (Artemis! files). The report said they were quarantined and I checked out the real filenames and locations in my security history. The files have gone from my P.C. When I look at McAfees list of Quarantined files it is blank - no items listed. So how can I submit them for Analysis and more important if I need them how can I get them restored?

      I know that two of the files came from TalkTalk internet service provider. (one being c:\Program Files\TalkTalk\agentui\bcont.exe) and on google search up till now this file was not suspected.