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    Data recover issue - Endpoint encryption.


      Hi Everybody,


      I am trying to recover one of our company user data.

      I have read many articles and talk with McAfee platinum support.

      But I couldn't recover the data yet.


      Here the scenario.


      1. User fail to log in on PBA screen.

      2. I received user's labtop. Tried machine recovery and token reset - fail with error message

      3. log-in and token reset failed with administrator account

      3. Download recovery file for EEtech authentication.

      4. Remove EE failed with incorrect key error message.

      5. Emergency boot also failed. - Operating System not found_

      5. Restore MBR (Think that was bad idea...)

      6. Made a copy image drive

      7. Did a test decryption on sector 63 - Couldn't find readable data

      8. Did a force decryption on the copy image - Can't see the data yet.


      Can anybody tell me that I've missing something?