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    Encrypted disk, need to decrypt. Damaged mbr in windows 7, one partition encrypted, I have no means to authenticate with EETECH


      Hi everyone,


      I have read a lot in the forum, but havent found a way to force decrypt a disk, having only the code for authorization. I lost the key (usb) for decryption, now I cannot force decrypt the partition.


      The OS was a windows 7, but after the boot screen asking for authentication it got a BSOD. Tried to look around the C: partition but it has no files at all. It seemed the decrypt process was not working. Now everytime I want to force decrypt (Wintech, EEtech, Safetech) I am asked to athenticate with a file, which I dont have.


      How can I recover my data? Is it a way to force a decryption? And I almost forgot, the software was part of HP Protect Tools, but the login screen at boot was Mcafee.




      PD: Sorry if this was answered before, but trust me, I read a lot and all solutions involved the decryption key...