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    Artemis!5C4E5B83028B (i believe its false)


      I have encountered an unwanted quarantined item named: IGC.dll in my angelsmu client folder.

      The quarantined dll is part of the core file needed to run the program.


      The download files are acquired from http://www.angelsmu.com/

      It is just a game file.


      I wish to add the item to Trusted Item section.

      It'll be great to relabel the dll file to PUP if it's found to be clean.


      I hope to get it dealt with asap.

      Thanks, and really appreciate your time. =)



      P.S. oh, i've submitted a report to virus_research@mcafee.com as well

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          @ stefonier,

                          If you submitted the File/Program to McAfee Labs successfully, you should have received a confirmation that it is under analysis. You should have received a Analysis ID # with your submittal. Please allow (4-5) business days for it to be processed. If after this period of time, your submitted (False Artemis!) has not been Cleared/Whitelisted.


                         Please post back the Analysis ID # associated with your submission, and quite possibly we can contact a Technician in McAfee Labs, to expedite the process.


                         Wishing you all the very best,



                         McAfee Volunteer Moderator 1

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            The file has been analysed and has been confirmed to be a clean packed file related to a game. It should no longer be detected. Thanks for letting us know about this detection!




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                           Thank you once again