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    Health monitoring ePO via the SIEM




      We have the SIEM product deployed, and I'm in the midst of our ePO deployment now.  I am a little dismayed to find a dependency on email as an alert channel for general ePO health issues.  For example, when creating an Automatic Response I see the following options in step 4 (Actions):


      Send SNMP Trap (seems to depend on the trigger, not always available)

      Create issue

      Append Rule Object

      Send Email

      Execute Server Task

      Run External Command


      How can I create an event that will make it to the SIEM (which is using the web API to pull data) without using email?


      FYI the exact event I'm looking to monitor for is when RSD loses coverage of a subnet.  This seems to be made difficult as such events aren't written to the threat event table structure "by design" (Re: Rogue System Detection Events)