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    Artemis Virus, How do I get rid of it?

      I've been having so much trouble with this Artemis! virus on my PC. When I do a full scan of my pc with McAfee, it doesn't show up.

      When I install a new program onto my pc, often my virus scan will pop up with a notification that the virus has been detected and removed. However, it seems that McAfee actually deletes a core file of the new program that I installed, making the program unusable. I've found the "Artemis!" virus many times up installing a new program, not always right away (sometimes the program works for a couple of days first), but again, it becomes unusable because Artemis will be detected and "removed".

      It seems I can never get rid of this virus completely, it just poofs away for a short time and then re-surfaces somehow. I even completely reformatted my pc and did a factory reset, and im still encountering this virus.

      Can anyone help?

      Please let me know what more information I need to provide.