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    S/Mime Certificates on the Email Gateway 7.5




      Has anyone successfully imported an s/mime certificate into the Secure Webmail section of the Email Gateway? We have recently enabled secure webmail and also bought a certificate which we imported so that anyone who logs into the secure webmail portal via HTTPS are not confronted with a certificate error.


      Problem is, when we send a secure webmail message and it end up in a user's inbox, Outlook shows a message that there are problems with the signature. This does not prevent anything from working, but is very annoying as it make the message look untrustworthy. I know this is because the Gateway signed the message with its own self signed certificate and we need to replace it. Does anyone know how to go about doing this? Is is an s/mime certificate we need to purchase?



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          Have you imported a different certificate in the notification signing certificate of the secure webmail?


          For Notification Signing Certificate, the certificate type is an email signing certificate (SMIME). This certificate validates the email notification that is sent to clients letting them know they have Secure Web Mail activity (for example: new message, password expiry reminder, and so on). You cannot use the same certificate that was used for web server certification here; you will need to request an email signing certificate (SMIME) from your preferred certificate authority.



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            I have managed to find the answer to this question. We have managed to obtain a 25 day s/mime certificate from Symantec. This certificate was downloaded and installed / imported in my browser (Mozilla). Once this was done, I went into the Mozilla certificates section and then backed up the relevant certificate (which was in a .p12 format). I was then able to import this into our Email Gateway and the result was no more error messages or warnings for emails sent by the Gateway itself.