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    MWG SOCKS Proxy




      I'm trying to restrict my SOCKS Proxy on source IP, destination IP and destination port.


      In MWG 7.3.x the configuration was made in the sockd.conf file.


      pass {

              from: to: port=2195

              protocol: tcp




      I assume configuration of sockd.conf is not working in MWG anymore and I have to configure the SOCKS Proxy via Rule Set.


      Here is what I did:


      • Enabled Socks Proxy (under Configurations listening on 1080)
      • Created a Ruleset SOCKS
        • Connection.Protocol equals SOCKS (checked request)
          • URL.Port does not equal 2195 -> Block (allow only port 2195)
          • Client.IP equals AND URL.Destination.IP is in range list> Stop Ruleset (allow
          • Always -> Block (Block everything else)


      Unfortunately this Ruleset is not working. Connection is getting blocked.


      After removing URL.Port and URL.Destination.IP from the Ruleset, I was able to Connect via SOCKS Proxy. However I also need to restrict on destination and port.


      Any Idea how to restrict on all properties (source, destination, port)?