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    Can't turn on Real-Time Scanning


      Well, I got a notification from Windows today, it told me that I had no anti-spyware programs and I thought it was really weird.

      I went to the action center, to my surprise McAfee Virus and Spyware Protection was set to "Off", I tried to turn it on but it wouldn't let me, then I opened the Security Center, it gave me the option to turn it on, but after turning it on it automatically deactivated. I read a lot about the situation and some said you had to go to Navigation -> Real-Time Scanning and from there I could turn it on.

      I couldn't even navigate to the Real-Time Scanning menu.

      Now I've checked the Action Center in the Control Panel again and it says the status is set to "Snoozed".

      I'm running this on Windows 8.06b29361bc3057856853eab09c8f4e5d.png

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          Three thoughts before I suggest you call support

          1. Run MVT the virtual technician

          mvt.mcafee.com and see if it can fix the issue note the MVT session number


          2. Have you ever had another antivirus installed or malware scanner than has real time scanning ability. If so run the Av's own removal tool to clear up left over bits of the program and if you have a paid version of say malwarebytes or another scanner disable the real time component as it will clash with McAfee.


          3. Try an clean uninstall reinstall as per the link in my signature and run


          http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/Mcpreinstall.e xe

          and reinstall from your account


          If no joy Call support the link is in my signature

          Ok maybe before calling run some of the free scanners mentioned in my sig as well. If you install malwarebytes do NOT install the free trial of the premium version.



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            Is this Saas as Security service product or VSE?


            It looks like SAAS.


            You could run the tool rootkit remover tool from




            Please, let me know the product and the result after running the rootkit remover tool


            Best regards,


            Jose Maria



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              @ angrod,

                             If I may add to the discussion, One would surmise that it would be a Consumer Product due to being posted in Consumer Community? Also, when downloading McAfee Rootkit Remover. Please save to a convenient location, such as a Desktop Folder.


                            Close all open applications/Browser and proceed to the saved folder, and it is recommended to Right Click/ run in Administrator Mode, as explained in "How to use McAfee Rootkit Remover"


                               Also if I may ask, did you receive the Windows Notification @ start-up? Excluding any Malware, there are  on occasion instances that Windows Security Center fails to acknowledge McAfee @ start-up. When trying to turn on through your McAfee UI, will not work.


              In this case, go to ( Services.msc - Microsoft Management Console) scroll down to "Security Center/WSCSV" left click on it,and disable/stop the service. Then repeat the step and enable, set to started Automatic (D)/ Start services. Check to see if Windows Security Center recognizes McAfee, and all is working as expected.



              Wishing you all the very best,


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                Jose what makes you think it is SAAS it (the OP's post) mentions Security Centre and the action centre name for the McAfee AV is the same I have for my consumer version. Posting in consumer is a hint but we do get errant posts in the wrong forum thus could you enlighten us as we are not familiar with the corporate products and it would be good to know for future posts..


                Angrod please confirm the product

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                  Well, to be honest I don´t know anything about consumer but the interface is similar to SaaS as a service that is why I want to make sire which product we are talking about. As well, it is not the first time that a wrong product is posted in the section.


                  By the way, this synthom can be caused by a rootkit, so it is aplicable for all McAfee products so it would be nice as a first thin to run the tool, as not harm will be made. I have been working in McAfee for 3 years and half and I found this synthom in many occasions and the problema was that Machine was infected with rootkit.


                  Best regards,


                  Jose Maria

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                    With this New Jive Version, one cannot tell who is online, I share your same sentiments PK. As I stated in my response.

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                      Thanks Jose I know you worked for McAfee that was why I queried you. We will see what the poster says. Thanks for your comment.We include the rootkit remover in the free Anti virus software link I p

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                        Thanks Peacekeeper for the hard work and the help from consumer products. As i said on consumer products I do not have knowledge ehehehe


                        Have a nice day!


                        Jose Maria

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                          I've been trying to deal with this same problem. It just happens on one of our three laptops installed with McAfee Total Protection. Several reboots and re-installs and full scans later, I still find the problem coming back on this one laptop (MS Vista - up to date with MS updates too). I suspect originally caused by malware that was installed with a fake Java update prompt some weeks back, as the user remembers the occasion and from the description is was not a true Java type dialog box, but this is only circumstantial unless others can bear witness. Its driving me around the bend. I thought I'd defeated it when I managed to find some malware through running Malwarebytes that McAfee had not found, but I'm still in the loop. At a loss what to do next time except perhaps subscribe and install MalWare Bytes for good and hope it runs happily alongside McAfee. The unaffected laptops run Windows7 on same network.

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