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    Using the WinPE DETech tools from booted Windows 7 OS


      So I've read around in these forums that its *technically* feasible to run the EE/DETech (Opal/64bit) recovery tools from a booted Windows OS...anyone actually get that to work?


      I think i'm getting close. First, I had to mimic the files structure seen in the DETech.







      Next,  I had to copy the contents of the DETech recovery tools to the appropriate folders. I tried guessing and putting the, but kept getting errors saying it can't find a file.. I don't have an exact listing of where each file goes... so i copied ALL the files and copied them to each of the four folders. No more file missing errors.


      I can now open the tool, and enter the daily code to authorize. To test, I tried running this on my own OPAL encrypted device, and received this error:


      "Failed to retieve key check from disk the primary disk, press OK to continue Authentication or Cancel to abort"


      Granted I am running WinPE DETech from the same drive I am testing decrypting/remove EE.... So I guess thats one possible fail point. Should I expect to be able to see this work on a slaved drive?  Am I going in the right direction with this or is my process flawed?