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    Mcafee NGFW SMC Login Error


      Mcafee NGFW SMC Login Error and external to external rule to access application from DMZ


      find the attachment snapshot of the error to login SMC , my system unexpected shutdown where SMC is installed when i start my PC and login to SMC the error in attachment any way to solve this problem ?


      second i want to make a rule on SMC that any user from external can access my application server means internal (in mcafee FW we have redirect option but i did not found any option kindly send me with snap a rule like that with steps .





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          This message could indicate that you provided incorrect credentials, or that management client couldn't connect to management server. You could try stopping management server and creating new superuser account to SMC with <smc_home>\bin\sgCreateAdmin.bat script. After creating the account, restart the management server and try logging in with new account. If this does not help, and you have valid grant number for your SMC installation, I would recommend that you open Service Request to McAfee tech support.


          For the rule question, are you talking about adding rule on the NGFW engine that does destination address translation from public (NAT) IP address to your internal/dmz server's private IP? If you're talking about destination NAT, please check this online help page:

          http://help.stonesoft.com/onlinehelp/StoneGate/SMC/5.7.2/SGAG/SGOH_Rules/Overwri ting_the_Destination_Address_in_Packets.htm