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    ePO Roll Up Data


      Currently in my organization there are multiple ePO servers dispered all over that I do not have access to or can manage. I am managing the "enterprise" ePO but there are a lot of smallers agencies that manage their own that I do not control. We are trying to get all the ePO servers in this organization to roll up data to the "enterprise" ePO. However, I am running into an issue below I have a question with:


      Basically, one of these small ePO's (#1) is rolling up their managed machines/events to another ePO (#2); then from there rolling up managed machines/events to the "enterprise" ePO (#3). However, when I look in the EPORollup_Computers & EPORollup_Events tables in the ePO #3 DB I only see machine/event data from ePO #2. I don't see any machines or event data from ePO #1.


      My question is, is there a way to rollup data from ePO to ePO then to another ePO? Or is it designed only to rollup data to another ePO and then not another?


      I know the easy solution is just to have ePO #1 registered in ePO #3 and then rollup data, but we can't in this case.


      Any ideas? Running 4.6.8

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          That is not possible in McAfee ePO, You can register ePO 1 and ePO 2 on ePO 3 where you can get roll up data of ePO 1 & 2. But you can't move ePO 1 rollup data from ePO 2 to ePO 3.

          Hope it will clears your doubt.

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            I figured that was the case, just wanted to confirm. Thanks!

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              Well it is possible, but requires a really good SQL guy.  You will have to go in an trick ePO.  you will have to create special database in the the SQL, then create scripts to move the data.  


              Based on the data you gave, the simple method would to just have the lower ePO roll-up twice Ansarias recommended vs going to the SQL tables.


              I'm assuming you are running a separate ePO just for Roll-up?

              In our Roll-up Server, we broke into the SQL and tables to do two things.

              A) where we have one ORG that is a Site Admin that uses another ORG's epo, we break there systems out of ORG A, place them into another DB, then roll-ups so in our ROLL-up server, even though the data is from one ePO Server, it shows up as two different ePOs (IE ORGs)

              B) we have one ORG that has multiple ePOs, so from the Staging ePO Server (IE SQL Server), we merge thier data into one DB, then roll-up so in our Roll-up Server they only show up as one epo Server (IE ORG) vs many.


              Key points, don't want to do this where its a production ePO Server, have to have a few SQL licenses (Servers run in VM and since they don't manage any hosts, not power hungry). Also ,playing in the SQL server can be very dangerous, so make sure you have backups!


              Depending on your size and requirements, you can set-up three ePOs

              1- roll-up for Asset Data

              2-Policy and Patching


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                I have been playing with that idea a bit already..


                So basically we have a standalone ePO designated as a "rollup ePO" that doesn't manage any clients. All these smaller ePO's are rolling up their data to it. From there our goal was to push that rollup data from the standalone rollup ePO to DISA and thus getting them all the rollup data from the single rollup instead of 10+ smaller ones.


                What I am not following is the task in ePO "Roll Up Data (publish to staging server)". This task only allows "Managed Systems Data" to be published, not the rollup machines in the EPORollup_Computers DB table.


                In your scenario B you mentioned, what actual tables are you merging the other ePO's into to get the above task to forward?

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                  can you ping me at michael.glotfelty@us.army.mil ?  Please DS the email so I can reply encrypted if required.

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