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    EMM policy doesn't apply


      When I create an app Blacklist for Android on policies into ePO and send it to the client with a "Wake up Agent", the policy never reaches to the client, in the column "last communication" on system tree's display, shows that the "wake up agent" reach the client but the policy doesn't (I chose the option force policies and task). So, is there some option I missed? an option I performed was reinstall the app into the client (that is a galaxy tab 3) and still not working.

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          Are you sure you are creating and enforcing the correct policy on that device?


          If you go to your System tree, find the group it is in, then click "Assigned Policies" on the top, drop down and select your product, find the policy and see if it is actually enabled set properly?


          As a test you could also put a check mark on the machine, choose Actions -> Agent -> Modify Policies on a Single System.. make your edits then wake up/force policies to test..

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            thanks for reply, I've assigned the policy only for that client, and also created a group where the client is the only member, and for the last option from the device to retrieve the policies, and I've seen something else, when I apply the policy for blacklist and then go to  the list of app installed into the client, in the list I can see the name an the ID, and in the column for blacklist, those which were listed into black list are not market as "Yes".