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      we have an .OCX file that we want to grant exception too so it can always download and run.    How/where is this done in the ePO console?   

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          What module is blocking it?


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            I don't know.   We are running 4.8.   I did find the registered executable s but it will not allow me to save my settings.   It wants the file in question to exist on my ePO server.  The issue is these files live here:  c:\windows\downloaded profile files and no matter I've tried I can't copy them there.  I've turned OFF UAC and I'm logged on as a Domain Admin yet I still can't copy to this location.  So how do you allow a .OCX file to download to any machine? 

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              If you are trying to download and Run than may be it will come under McAfee Access Protection rule. First check while running if McAfee is blocking than go to McAfee logs on that machines. Check Access Protection rule and see if that entry is there or not.

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                Then you should make sure is McAfee the one avoiding you to copy the files in that folder as I am not completelly sure that can be McAfee the one stopping the files to be copied.


                Make sure you disable all the McAfee services in a test Machine to make sure is McAfee. Otherwise you can just take that Machine off from the domain and reset the GPO policies to make sure that is not GPO that is what I am thinking that can be blocking the files to be copied.


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