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    Need to install HIPS and VirusScan on clients




      I have ePO running on a windows server 2012 r2 and I have a few machines (PC) that are connected to it.  I installed the mcafee agent on the clients by downloading the framepkg to a usb and installing it on the client. 


      I have a few questions: 

      How do I install HIPS and VirusScan (AV) on the clients from ePO?  Can someone provide me a 'how-to'?


      Also, there are two machines that are not being recognized by ePO even though I installed the mcafee agent.  ePO and the clients are on the same network and ePO is not populating the fields.  Any ideas?



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          Which part are you having trouble with?


          The EPO product guide usually has a chapter devoted to product deployment - for example Chapter 14 in this version


          https://kc.mcafee.com/resources/sites/MCAFEE/content/live/PRODUCT_DOCUMENTATION/ 24000/PD24808/en_US/epo_510_pg_0b00_en-u…

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            1. How to install Windows client remotely. (HIPS)
            2. Task
              1. Go to Software | Master Repository and click Check In Package (ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0) or select Actions | Check In package (ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5 and later).

              2. Select Product or Update (.ZIP), then click Browse.
              3. Locate the Host IPS client package .zip file, then click Open.
              4. Click Next, then click Save.
              5. Go to Systems | System Tree and select the group of systems on which to install the client component.
              6. Go to Client Tasks, and click New Task (ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0) or select Actions | New Task (ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5 and later).
              7. In the Task Builder wizard, name the task, select Product Deployment from the task list, and click Next.
              8. Select the client platform, select Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0 as the product to install, and click Next.
              9. Schedule the task to run, click Next, then click Save. If you scheduled the task to run immediately, perform an agent wake-up call.
            3. For VirusScan it should be the same deployment method.
            4. The only question I have left is why the Windows 7 clients do not show up in ePO.  I installed the McAfee Agent on the clients and it says that the status is running but in ePO it doesn't see it in detected systems (doesn't populate name, IP address, etc).  When I installed it on a another Win 7 client I didn't remove AVG and it found it fine.


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              1) do you have both the VSE and HIPS extensions and Master installed?

              2) what type of host are you about to install VSE onto?  If VDI or Servers, you want to make sure you have exclusions already pre-staged before installing VSE on VDI/Servers

              3) to install, I prefer to use TAGs as a safeguard (IE tag called "Install HIPS" or "Missing VSE"

              3b) create a client task to install VSE/HIPS to host that need it.  This is where the TAGs come in.  TAG evey host that you want it installed on, then in the Client TASK, only send to host with tag "X"   This ensures you don't install to hosts you don't want the product installed to.


              Hope this helps.

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                Somehow I was able to get one of the PCs added to EPO.


                I did a Product deployment for HIP and VSE.  All systems have HIPS and only 3 system have VSE.  When I added the new PC to EPO it only installed HIPS and not VSE.  How do I add the new PC to an existing  product deployment for VSE?  Note that it's a fixed deployment... this might have something to do with it as it was continuous for HIPS.



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                  check to see when the task was set to run.  also note that is sometimes takes a while before it shows up unless you keep doing an agent wakeup.  If you can, reboot the hosts after installing if you can.