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    Artemis 4209940f7112


      I did not get this Trojan until I played  Facebook games. Now I cannot figure out how to get rid of it. It keeps on changing my homepage to a blank page.  All games have been deleted Can I just leave it quarantined. I do not see the option to delete file . All scans Windows defender as well as McAfee  do not detect this virus. 

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          @ ktobr6,

                         It seems that you have picked up a (PUP) generally classified as a "Potentially Unwanted Program" In addition bundled in with it ,was a Browser Hi-Jacker. I recommend Running the Latest McAfee Getsusp Tool, please remember to enter your Email Address under "Preferences" before scanning.


                          Upon completion of the scan, you should receive a automated reply confirming your submission.


                       With the confirmation there should be a Work Item ID # . Please allow the appropriate time for your submission to be analyzed (4-5) days. Should it be the case your issue is not resolved, please post back the Work Item id #, and we can quite possibly contact a Tech from McAfee Labs to expedite the process.


                       I would then run Malwarebytes (Free) version Only. Do not accept the (Free Trial) or activate. Restart after running the scan. I would then proceed to run AdwCleaner and restart after running the scan. All of these Superb ( Free) Tools can be found in the following Link:  Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


                       In addition, you may find the following article created by Fellow Moderator Hayton very informative:

                       How you get tricked into installing Potentially Unwanted Programs


                      In regards to removing the Detected Item from Quarantine.. Open your McAfee UI, Select Navigation (Top Right), then scroll down to Quarantined and Trusted Items/ Quarantined Items/Quarantined Potentially Unwanted programs/select and delete/Restart.



                        Wishing you all the best,



                        McAfee Volunteer Moderator 1


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