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    MVM 7.5.6 cannot detect any vulnerability on my server while Qualys did and reports a lot of vulnerabilities !!


      I am using MVM 7.5 for external vulnerability scanning, for one server (one IP Address) MVM reports only one informational vulnerability while Qulays report for the same server reports nine high vulnerabilities and seven medium vulnerabilities and 5 informational vulnerabilities !! keeping in mined that the product is up to date and same security standard (PCI- nun intrusive) where used in both scans !!


      I checked the scan log file and i noticed the following line repeated many times


      c:\program files (x86)\common files\mcafee\foundscan\socketpersonality.fasl3(265,3): WARNING (0x8007274d): FaslSocket error (while running c:\program files (x86)\foundstone\faslscripts\misc-oracle-cpu-oct11.fasl3)

      2014-08-31 13:50:48+02:00 | U2_C60_J12_JN2_SN0_BN0 | 4 | FASLModule | 0x1544 | ***** Script "misc-oracle-cpu-oct11" on []:1526 caused a run exception (80020101)


      Does this mean that i have a problem with my MVM or is there any suggestion to figure out the problem ?!


      Many thanks in advance