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      Artemis!EE582D9DE95A was caught and affect 5 files. How do I see what files are infected?  I would like to remove it completely from my PC, not just leave it in quarantine. Call me paranoid. ;-)  Anyone know anything about this Artemis!EE582D9DE95A?



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          @ groovymoviegirl,

                                    Please refer to the following Guidelines/Instructions:What To Do When McAfee Detects Software As An Infection - How to Submit To McAfee Labs & Appeal


                                     Upon Successful Submission ,you  should receive a Confirmation that they are being analyzed. Please allow the appropriate time to be processed (4-5) business days. If for some reason they have not been White Listed/Cleared by then. With your confirmation you will receive a Anaylysis ID#, Please post that back and we can quite possibly contact a McAfee Tech with-in McAfee Labs, to expedite the process.


                                       To remove from Quarantine, Open your McAfee UI,Click on Navigation, then Quarantined and Trusted Items, Quarantined Items, select all and delete/Restart.


                                        I might add for a second opinion, Run Malwarebytes (Free) Version Only. This keeps it free by not accepting the (Free Trial) or Activating it.  This and other superb (Free) tools can be found in the Following Link:


          Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools




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            I would add to submit the files as separate submissions if your use the email method but the getsusp program way will submit all 5 hopefully.

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              Thanks. I've tried to report it, but when I select it in program to send files it says FAILED. I'm using LiveSafe. I review the instructions on how to send this, but it doesn't work.

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                By select it in the program do you mean in the tabs ins the quarantine folder the submit there or send to McAfee does not work in most cases. You need to zip the files up 1 at a time password protect them (password is infected) and email them to the address CD gave in the link.


                Or run getsusp and it will submit the files itself unless they are really large.

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                  This file has been reviewed and confirmed to be a correct detection. The file is an Adware Browser Helper Object (BHO). The files could be deleted from your quarantine if you no longer wish to have them present on your PC.