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    WCCP load balancing packet redirection with more than two gateways




      I am trying to bring up a third gateway using WCCP load balancing.  I currently have two gateways using WCCP and working fine.


      When I bring the third gateway online and enable WCCP things start to go wrong.  It appears, and I am not completely sure about this, but it appears that the third gateway or even all of the gateways stop working over WCCP.  Disabling the third gateway solves the issues and all is back to normal.


      Working switch config:


      ip wccp source-interface Vlan877

      ip wccp 51 redirect-list wccp accelerated


      interface Vlan877

      ip address


      interface GigabitEthernet0/1

      description Lan - 4507

      no switchport

      ip address

      ip wccp 51 redirect in

      mls qos trust dscp



      Extended IP access list wccp

          10 permit tcp any eq www 443 (302 matches)

          20 permit tcp any eq www 443 (540 matches)

          30 permit tcp any eq www 443

          40 permit tcp any eq www 443




      In the MWG's I have the following config set for WCCP.


      Serivce ID


      WCCP Router :

      Ports to be redirected: 80,443

      Proxy listener IP address: (IP ADDRESS of each MWG respectively), 67

      Proxy listener port: 9090 (Yes the proxy is listening on

      Assign by mask (This is what my switch supports)

      Input for load distribution: Source IP mask  - 0x15     and      Destination IP mask - 0x15

      Forwarding method: L2 (This is what my switch supports)

      L2 Redirect target: eth0

      Magic:  -1



      To recap, I have two MWG's running with this config, but connecting the third one via WCCP to the switch kills most if not all of the WCCP packet redirection.


      Any ideas?