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    Cinema YB1.1


      Is it possible to remove Cinema YB1.1 from Windows 7 home service pack 1 and if so how?

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          @ Apd2520,


                          May I ask is this a program in which you intentionally installed? If so, have you gone to your Control Panel/Program/Features and attempt to uninstall? Most if not all Reputable Programs comes with a "Clean Uninstaller"


                         Is this program causing abnormal behavior? You may check your Browsers and look for additional Add ons/Plug ins. I recommend running the Latest McAfee Getsusp Tool, please remember to enter your Email Address under " Preferences" before scanning.


                        I also recommend running Malwarebytes (Free) Version only, followed by Adwcleaner. These Superb (Free) Tools can be found in the following Link:  Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


                         You may find this article very informative also: How you get tricked into installing Potentially Unwanted Programs


                          Wishing you all the very Best,



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            I might add, you can click on Start., Then Computer/Downloads/and remove from your list of Downloaded programs.

            To remove right click on the program, and delete. Don,t forget to "Empty" your recycle Bin/Restart.

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              Peter M

              There's an excellent removal guide here:  Remove "Ads by Cinema-YB1.1" virus (Easy Removal Guide)



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                Thanks Peter,

                              You are correct, as I trust Malewaretips Removal Guides. They use some of the same tools I mentioned. I would advise the OP to simply follow your advice by using it...

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                  Thanks, the Adwcleaner got the Cinema YB1.1 removed.  When going to my programs to remove it would not allow the remove action.  Cinema YB1.1 was some type of ad program that continually popped up ads on the screen.

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                    @ apd2520,

                          You are perfectly welcome

                          Please read the additional article I inserted, you can never be too safe...


                            I might add that the Malwaretips Removal Guide would have done so also.

                            Glad all is okay...



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